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PROFESSIONAL Neurolanguage Coaching certification: 

A highly interactive online programme which involves deepening the skills of the Advanced Neurolanguage Coach®, to become a Professional Neurolanguage Coach®. It goes further into the neuroscience of empathy and the coaching principles and introduces new aspects, such as neuroculture – language and cultures, together with a deeper comprehension of language learning through a holistic coaching approach.
This is an online programme only consisting of 24 hours.

This programme focuses on not only reinforcing the whole approach and method of Neurolanguage Coaching, but also deepens knowledge in neuroscience and the practical application of neuroscientific principles during the learning process, even to integrating cultural aspects. This course aims to consolidate and develop even further the skills of the Advanced Neurolanguage Coach, giving professionalism to the whole process and potentially preparing the Professional Neurolanguage Coach to train trainers.

We use a virtual classroom software called eLecta Live that is live with Rachel Paling or any of our qualified ELC NL® Trainers and allows all course participants to see each other through the video option, speak to each other and share all kinds of media (presentations, whiteboard, video, internet access, etc.) and therefore it is just as interactive as the face-to-face courses.

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Requirements: Obligatory successful completion of the ELC Language Coaching Certification Course and the ELC Advanced Neurolanguage Coaching Course.

Delivered by: Rachel Paling, Director of ELC & Creator of the Neurolanguage Coaching® concept

Cost: £1,111 (plus VAT, if applicable)

PROFESSIONAL online starting 24th March 2019 (sessions 17.00-20.00 CET/Germany time)

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