I am absolutely thrilled to introduce the first ever Neurolanguage Coach Trainers, who will be delivering the ELC Language Coaching Certification at various locations worldwide and in various languages, not only English.
The ELC Licensed Trainers as Professional Neurolanguage Coaches are also our Mentors for the Neurolanguage Pathway. If you wish to embark on this path and you feel you would like support and assistance before or along the way, do contact our Mentors who have been through each step of the journey and had their own experience and wisdom to offer as guidance and support.
Bianca Genovese,
Bianca Genovese,Professional Neurolanguage Coach® - ITALY
Cheryl Williams,
Cheryl Williams,Professional Neurolanguage Coach® - MALTA
Clare Crawford,
Clare Crawford,Professional Neurolanguage Coach® - FRANCE
Daniela Bonvicini,
Daniela Bonvicini,Professional Neurolanguage Coach® - ITALY
Eva Peckova,
Eva Peckova,Professional Neurolanguage Coach® - CZECH REPUBLIC
Jacob M Hawsa,
Jacob M Hawsa,Professional Neurolanguage Coach® - SAUDI ARABIA
Juan Carlos Campos Tapia,
Juan Carlos Campos Tapia,Professional Neurolanguage Coach® - PERU
Katarzyna Hylinska,
Katarzyna Hylinska,Professional Neurolanguage Coach® - POLAND
Margherita Sforza,
Margherita Sforza,Professional Neurolanguage Coach® - FRANCE