Interviews with Alumni of the Language Coaching Certification Programme

We are in the process of interviewing alumni of the Language Coaching Certification programme to get their detailed feedback as to how the programme has affected them personally and professionally. We will be updating this page regularly – so please keep checking in from time to time if you are interested to read more.

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Mònica Barnés Quintana | Spanish&Catalan Language Trainer, Spain

“The LCC program is inspiring, motivating and an enriching experience. It has given me the opportunity to merge my soft skills together with some new fresh approaches of Coaching and Neuroscience targeted to language learning. The result: powerful language sessions targeted to my learners’ language goals. Thank you, Rachel for sharing all this knowledge with us and for being such a lively and enthusiastic mentor.
It has been a pleasure to learn from you!”

Full interview: Mònica Barnés Quintana LCC Interview


Natalia Kazik | English language trainer, Poland

“The course was also a platform which allowed me to exchange experiences and insights with coaches from all around the world, which was truly invaluable. Since participating in the LCC I have been experimenting with using Polish in my sessions and I immediately noticed that my clients grasp various grammatical structures more quickly. Immediately after the course my teaching became more peaceful and more focused. The course has provided me with tools that bring in a lot of structure and clarity to the entire learning process. I am very grateful to Rachel Paling for sharing her knowledge and for creating a thriving community of people who want to develop and grow. Thank you, Rachel!”

Full interview: Natalia Kazik LCC Interview


Fátima Roussado | Portuguese as a Foreign Language teacher, Portugal

“LCC was a fantastic and enriching experience. It was a breath of fresh air. My coachees feel both liberated and committed. Also, I feel that they are truly aware of where they are right now in the learning process. Thank you, Rachel, for the Brain Friendly Grammar Conversations. This is such an important tool when delivering, for instance, the Subjunctive in Portuguese. Hearing my clients say “I want to know more about this” is brilliant!”

Full interview: Fatima Roussado LCC Interview


Alaine Altube| English teacher, Spain

“LCC was a easy-flowing experience. Smooth and familiar. I am more patient, I practice active-listening a lot more and it is all about the students now. I think I have finally found a path to follow that really suits me”

Full interview: Alaine Altube LCC Interview


Gabriela Brugalli Müller | Language teacher, Brazil

“It was really transforming. It’s a whole new way of guiding people to discover a new language. I already feel the impact of the new approach on my coachees. I definitely see them more motivated and aware of their learning processes”

Full interview: Gabriela Brugalli Müller LCC Interview


Evgeniya Medvedeva | Mandarin Chinese/ Russian/ ESL tutor, The Russian Federation

“I found this course very inspirational, it motivated me to look differently not only at my way of teaching, but also at my general attitude. I became a better listener and I am asking more powerful questions, this had a significant impact on my interpersonal relationships. I am definitely better equipped to help language learners to achieve their goals. I also witnessed the “aha moments” which my clients are experiencing, and it’s amazing”

Full interview: Evgeniya Medvedeva LCC Interview


Cheryl Williams | Language Teacher, Malta

“The Neurolanguage Coaching Certificate was the perfect option for my clients and I. I was specifically after something forward thinking.  Neurolanguage Coaching offered that. Through Neurolanguage Coaching we use a ‘brain friendly’ approach. There are many tools that we learn which really help the clients come out of ‘drama’, negative ‘limbic’ reactions and help prioritize their tasks. The approach is so brain friendly that my coachees don’t feel that they’re ‘in’ training, and at the same time their brain is developing the language skills much faster. It’s very professional, effective and efficient. In addition to this I’m seeing the positive impact it’s starting to have on their personal lives too. It’s a win-win situation. Also, in Europe being a fully qualified Advanced Neurolanguage Coach under an accredited institution such as the ICF is an additional asset. “


Monika Vogel | Language Teacher, Switzerland

“Participating at the LCC course was just what I needed to give a new impulse to that moment of my own professional transition. I could feel the positive energy flow. I started to tailor every grammar lesson and left aside books and classic exercises. Giving more space and a more active role to my learners, improves their motivation and strengthens their commitment and self-confidence. I feel empowered to continue and improve my way to deliver highly personalized language training”

Full interview: Monika Vogel LCC Interview


Rita Farkas | Business English trainer, Hungary

“The words that come to my mind if I think of this course are the following: empowering, inspirational, practical and scientifically solid. It made me even more empowered in myself as more understanding, emphatic and accepting and the way my coachees reacted, the way they were shocked and how much they were energized and inspired was absolutely fascinating and confirming”

Full interview: Rita Farkas LCC Interview


Alessandra Gato | Foreign Languages Teacher, Italy

“It made me feel renewed in my mission of coaching people into acquiring and improving their language skills. I am rediscovering myself as an individual and as a professional coach. It feels amazing.”

Full interview: Alessandra Gato LCC Interview


Camille Delefortrie | English and Dutch teacher, Canada

“It was amazing, I really learned a lot!  The coaching principles were very new to me and I am amazed by how helpful they are, even for regular teachers.”

Full interview: Camille Delefortrie LCC Interview