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Rachel is guest speaker at the IX ELT INTERNATIONAL VIDEO CONFERENCE  – “GLOBAL ENGLISH, SO ENGLISH FOR ALL” – organised by Mayor de San Andres University, La Paz, Bolivia ” on September 19 from 14.50 to 15.40 Bolivia time.

The video conference will gather about 200 English language professionals (school teachers, university professors and graduating linguistics and language students) and will consist of symposiums and workshops about English Language Teaching.

The conference theme is Global English, so English for all which focuses on teaching English to people with special needs (inclusive ELT), English for specific purposes and current issues on language education.


At present, the teaching of the English language in Bolivia plays a highly transcendental role in the integral education of the person since learning the language implies personal growth, cognitive-psychosocial development, and cultural understanding. Similarly, the English language has become the instrument of access to information, technology and knowledge that eventually favours the professional development of those who learn it. In fact, to reflect on, and reorient the teaching of the English language in Bolivia in terms of methods, models, techniques, resources and ton attend to the learning needs of each individual, without any distinction (including ELT) is an urgent a task of our University, UMSA.

Internationally, the English language has recently acquired a global status and has become an intercultural bridge between people of different cultures and languages, that is why the literature on ELT adopts the term “English languages ​​of the world” (World Englishes ), a concept that incorporates and respects all varieties of the English language and its sociolinguistic and cultural uses of the place where it is spoken, both as a second language as well as a foreign language.

As a matter of fact, the slogan for the 9th ELT Conference – Global English, so English for All- , Global English refers to the English language as a lingua-franca and its teaching in different contexts of the world. Likewise, the phrase English for All refers to the teaching of the English language as part of an integral and inclusive education having access to it any person who wants or requires to learn the language, without distinction of social class, age, or ability for learning (ELT for special needs).

To create an academic space for reflection and exchange of educational and classroom experiences considering English language teaching as a formative, integral and inclusive element in 21st century education.

To promote English language teaching for people with special needs, for learners with specific requirements, and for those with social needs.
To propose models, strategies, techniques, and resources for a more inclusive English language teaching.
To incorporate the use of technology for teaching English in the framework of education for all .
To socialise results of novel research in the national context related to applied linguistics and applied linguistics to teaching.

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