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Clarity between Coaching, Language coaching and Neurolanguage Coaching®

Over the past few days, the 31st IATEFL BESIG Annual Conference took place in IASI, Romania. The perfect opportunity for teachers, trainers, coaches, educators of business English to convene, share information and network. This year for the first time, the organising committee came up with the brilliant idea of a “Coaching Strand” and thanks to Clare Crawford, who then crafted and designed this unique offering in the form of panel discussions, fly on the wall coaching, individual coaching and networking opportunities, all under the umbrella term coaching. I was delighted to take part in one of the panel discussions, as well [...]

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Brain Friendly Grammar Delivery Workshop

23rd May 2018 (18:00-20.00 CEST/Germany time) With Rachel Paling This webinar will talk about the triggers that can emotionally upset our learners and how we can coach around these triggers and how we can break grammar down and then build it back up into an extremely brain friendly process.  Topics: Present perfect, phrasal verbs and overview of tenses [button url="" class="button" size="small" color="golden" target="_self" lightbox_content="" lightbox_description=""] Register now [/button] * 1.9% PayPal fee will be added (and 20% VAT, if applicable)

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Free Live Webinar

Sign up to our Free Live Webinar Achieve better results, more motivated, inspired and involved learners! Sign up for our LIVE webinar with Rachel Paling. In this webinar, you will learn how to implement brain-friendly coaching techniques and neuroscience in your language teaching. Rachel will teach you about: Neurolanguage Coaching® and Language Teaching Neuroscience and Coaching Principles: how can they make language learning more effective? The Perfect Learning State: key to fast and sustainable progress – how can it be achieved and maintained? Next dates for our Live Webinar 25th February, 20.00-21.00 CET/Germany time 28th February, 09.00-10.00am CET/Germany [...]

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