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Free Webinar

Free Webinar

Register for one of our free interactive webinars and connect with Rachel Paling to discuss:

  • Neurolanguage Coaching and Language Teaching
  • Neuroscience and Coaching Principles – how can they make language learning more effective?
  • The Perfect Learning State: key to fast and sustainable progress – how can it be achieved and maintained?


Next dates

31st August, 18.00-19.00 CEST/Germany time
6th September, 10.00-11.00am CEST/Germany time
14th September, 18.00-19.00 CEST/Germany time

Please note that the times are given in Central European Time (Germany) – please check your timezone.

Unable to attend? There will be more free webinars coming up soon – please use the contact form if you would like us to keep you informed.

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