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In the programme letters (LCC programme letterAdvanced NLC programme letter and Professional NLC programme letter) you’ll find information regarding courses’ content, outcome and requirements.

Please check the detailed schedules in the following table and confirm your enrolment in the registration form below (soft instalments’ options are available):

LCC ONLINE starting 21st March 2018 EVENING GROUP (sessions 20:00-22:00 OR 19:30-22:30 CET/Germany time) Available HERE

£1.250 (plus VAT, if applicable)

LCC ONLINE starting 30th March 2018 INTENSIVE/WEEKEND GROUP (sessions 15.00-19.00 CET/Germany time) Available HERE

£1.250 (plus VAT, if applicable)

LCC ONLINE starting 9th April 2018 MORNING GROUP (sessions 08.00-10:00am OR 08.00-11:00am CET/Germany time) Available HERE

£1.250 (plus VAT, if applicable)

LCC F2F Barcelona, 23rd-25th March 2018 (bilingual Spanish and English) Available HERE £1.450 (plus VAT, if applicable)
LCC F2F London, 31st May-2nd June 2018 Available HERE £1.450 (plus VAT, if applicable)
ADVANCED NLC online starting 14th May 2018 (sessions 20.00-22.00 CET/Germany time) Available HERE £999 (plus VAT, if applicable)
PROFESSIONAL NLC online starting 12th May 2018 (sessions 15.00-18.00 CET/Germany time) Available HERE £1.111 (plus VAT, if applicable)

*special package F2F London LCC + F2F London Advanced NLC: £2,499.00

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Or if you would prefer to speak with someone, please call +44 7561427701 or request a call to speak with Rachel Paling or our ELC Team. We look forward to working with you.

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