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Articles on Language Coaching

Check out the following articles to learn more about Language Coaching:

The Differences Between Language Teaching and Language Coaching

  • “What “teach”, “train” and “coach” mean, and how they differ
  • How English language teaching and training have evolved through history
  • How language coaching should be classified, and how certification and accreditation are becoming increasingly important

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Transforming Language Teachers Into Language Coaches

Are you wondering what exactly distinguishes a Language Coach from a Language Teacher? This article explores the transformation process that takes place when language teachers become language coaches, examining the aspects of inner awareness and raised sensitivity into how the brain learn, powerful coaching conversation and active listening.

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Online course January 2015

Language Coaching Certification Course

We are pleased to announce the next highly interactive Language Coaching Certification Online course in collaboration with Results Coaching System UK. This programme provides 36 hours of ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited coach training hours.

Starting 13th January 2015

Module 1: Introduction to Brain Based Coaching
Module 2:  Language Coaching Skills

15 x 2 hour online interactive classes

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Discover why our course is different

We offer the first Language Coaching Certification in the world that’s accredited by the ICF. That means our teaching methods and course is fully endorsed by an organisation that preserves the integrity of coaching internationally, maintains accepted professional standards, and is recognised among coaching professionals worldwide.

Learn more about our Language Coaching Programme

ELC Language Coaching is a method that brings neuroscience into language coaching.

What is Language Coaching?
What will you learn?

Our Language Coaching Certification Programme is a highly effective combination of theory and practice.

  • learn the principles of brain-based coaching and powerful coaching techniques
  • learn how to integrate coaching and latest neuroscientific findings with your language teaching skills
  • achieve fast and sustainable results by helping your clients reach and maintain the “perfect learning state”
Language Coaching Outline of the Course
Programme benefits

Become a Certified Accredited Language Coach and you will deliver a more cost-effective and focused learning experience using techniques that will help your clients pick up languages faster and remember them for longer.

Efficient Language Coaching Mission
Our Mission

We want to make language learning easier and more accessible to individuals, business people and professionals to help improve communication across our globalised world.

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