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“Neurolanguage Coaching® is the efficient and fast transfer of language knowledge and skills from the Language Coach to the Language Coachee with sustainable effects facilitated by brain-based coaching and coaching principles and neuroscience.”

– Rachel Paling, Creator of Neurolanguage Coaching®


Achieve fast and sustainable results by helping your clients and learner reach and maintain a better learning state with brain friendly language learning.

Structured teaching with tracking learning process

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Features of Neurolanguage Coaching®

  • a continuous flow of language training constantly interacting with aspects of the neuroscience of learning and aspects of traditional coaching;
  • it ensures the constant awareness of how the brain works, ensuring brain connections;
  • it includes coaching models and tools;
  • it adds the ethical principles of coaching itself, ever present in language coaching sessions, as set out by the ICF;
  • it encompasses an individual needs analysis;
  • it tailors language targets to individual needs;
  • it embraces the cultural aspects of language;
  • it may include professional expertise and have a topical focus;
  • it addresses personal aspects such as client confidence, comfort, motivation and satisfaction.
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Rachel Paling Creator and Director of Neurolanguage Coaching®

Rachel Paling’s Language Coaching e-course:

Rachel Paling’s e-course

How to implement brain-friendly coaching techniques and neuroscience to your language teaching


Neurolanguage Coaching® Certification

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Neurolanguage Coaching: Brain Friendly Language Learning

Said about the book:

Excellently written, this is a clear, concise and reader-friendly introduction to Neurolanguage Coaching. Rachel, as ever, is both informative, and motivating and encourages the teacher to want to move onto new approaches.

…….. I highly recommend it to educators who constantly strive to make a difference in the quality of people’s lives. It’s also great for language learners who would like to know more about the most wonderful, mysterious and fascinating organ – our brain.


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  • Brain friendly language learning: key to fast and sustainable progress – how can it be achieved and maintained?

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“I found the course fascinating. From the coaching style of questioning to allow clients to get the own insights into the language to increased knowledge about how the brain worked, I was captivated for three days straight.”
Gareth Jones, English teacher, United Kingdom
“It was really transforming. It’s a whole new way of guiding people to discover a new language. I already feel the impact of the new approach on my coachees. I definitely see them more motivated and aware of their learning processes”
Gabriela Brugalli Müller, Language teacher, Brazil
“It completely changed my approach to how I work with private clients and how I teach in the classroom. No more going back to the “old way” of teaching languages! I totally feel like a rebel but in a good way.”
Karin Raffa, English & German teacher, Germany

“I decided to look for something new. Something that really helped my clients learn English more efficiently. It also gives me a boost of confidence when I approach new clients because now I know of a method which I can use to really help them.”

Juan Carlos Campos Tapia, English teacher, Peru

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